Saturday, June 28, 2008

Konner is a fatso!

We have some really great news everybody. Konner has 3 chins and is a little bit of a fatso. He has nearly tripled his weight in 3 months. It's almost as if he wasn't ever a preemie! He is such a sweet boy. I cant believe I got such a little angel. He never makes a peep. And when he does, he's hungry and quickly forgets about it when I feed him. He just smiles and is starting to giggle. Look at the pictures of him and his funny brother.

We're Back...

So for anyone reading (or not reading my blog) I'm really sorry about my lack of commitment. Life has been a little hectic around here. But we are back from vacation and I am officially ready to blog. We have been in Yellowstone for nearly a week. I love camping, but a week is a little much with a 3 monther. It was really fun. Tyler and I came to a conclusion... Yellowstone should be done once a decade... or even better a lifetime. Just kidding. We did have fun. We went with Tyler's family. It was super fun. Lots of laughing, fishing, card playing, good food, and fun. However, there was way too much driving. Tyler and I have come to realize if we cant see things from the road and snap pictures, we arent really interested. I dont want to hike or learn anything on a trip. Lots of relaxing and as little thinking as possible, please. We rode in the car for 10 hours the first day, a good 6 the next 3days each and the last day was another 10. That is a long time. And I wasn't the one strapped in the car seats. We have the best kids. Konner didn't make a peep as usual. And Masen told me he wanted to shoot me in the face only once. (angel) So it was a good trip. We saw lots of animals and on the first day we stopped at Bear World. Masen got to ride on the rollercoaster, the train, another few rides and then did the petting zoo. He had a great time. It's good to be home, but now I have to start on laundry... A mothers work is never done!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Masen Turns 3!

As you can see, I didn't blog for so long. This was in the "drafts" for like 2 weeks. Waiting for me to compose. We have alot to say and talk about. Masen had his 3rd birthday on Thursday and we had a fun party. It was supposed to be a swim party outside with about 15 friends, and of course with my luck the sun never came out. It was downright cold. We had the works, swimming pool, slip n slide, water balloons, otter pops, squirt guns, leis, and sun glasses for everyone! Not a single ray of sunshine to worry about. This is how my life goes. I've accepted it. Although I was pretty upset and flustered. We had a good turn out. We played "I have a little doggy and he wont bite you" (highlight of the party) It was a kickin party and I hope no one ended up sunburned. Masen got a lot of fun stuff. He loved the day being all about him. It was fun. I cant believe my little monster is 3. The time has flown by. He is so fun and says the funniest things. We were in Yellowstone taking pictures of a moose and a guy with big curly red hair bent over by us and Masen looks right at him and says "Mom, he has cweepy hair" (a little too much hair dresser talk apparently) Also the other day we saw a yellow hummer drive past us and Ty and I heard him mumble to himself, "I tink I just saw a school bus or sumping" We still laugh about it. Another hilarious comment is when he asks after we have mad him angry "Do you want to see my fury?" He loves to give Konner lots of kisses (but its usually with lots of slobber and sometimes tongue... creepy) My mom says to enjoy these moments that these are the days you end up missing the most of, even when you catch them coloring on your walls or chewing a wad of gum they found in the garbage at the ballgame.

Helpin' my daddy