Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I better be skinny in the morning...


So, a while back my sweetest cousin Jena asked if I wanted to run a marathon, my answer- hell no! How about a half marathon? well maybe. But then Tyler told me it was like running from our house to his parents in the furthest corner of Hooper. Again, nope. So I decided maybe I could rope some cousins/ sisters-in-law into doing a relay. You break the 26.2 miles up between 5 of you. And I'm a baby rhino, so thats awesome. Anyways, Saturday was the big day and I had never ran more than 3.3 miles (5k) (because I hate running) My cousins Emily Farr ran 7 miles, Maddee Hales ran 6, sister in law Laura Hales ran 5, I ran 5, sister in law Holly Thomas ran 3. But Laura just kept running (think Forrest Gump), and so she ran the next 5, and then we both ran (I walked mostly) 3 more miles. Laura trained for 5 and ran the half marathon. It was awesome. I probably walked 1.5-2 miles and ran the rest (8 miles total) . And Jena Hales Hendry ran the whole 26.2! (That will never be my goal) But I am so proud of everyone that did it ! I am so proud of myself even though that's nothing to normal people. Our team crossed the finishline in 4 hr 30 min. That night we had a dodge ball charity tournament, 2 more hours of full on ball playing. We won the whole thing! It was so fun. Until that night when Tyler told me he had lost 7 lbs since going back to work! What?! I just ran for like 5 hours straight and you lost weight? I could barely roll over in bed on Sunday morning, I had to take stairs sideways and I couldnt even muster out a cough because my lungs and ribs were all on fire. And his pants are loose. Thats seems super fair. All I can say is, I better be freaking skinny in the morning!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pictures of the boys

Here are some fun pictures of the boys. They turned out cute, even though it was cold and they have tired eyes in some. The girls name is Kellie Hales her blog is Kellie is (get ready for this) my brother Blake's girlfriend, Tracie's older sister. She is great. Lots of patience and talent. Thanks again Kellie!

Helpin' my daddy