Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


On Tuesday, February 12, we flew off to Orlando to have a few days in the sun and enjoy ourselves at Disneyworld. My parents, Blake, Tyler, Masen and I (yep, nearly 8 months pregnant.) Tyler and my dad attended the builders conference there so we of course took advantage of that trip. We had a great time, however, I wont ever do it again pregnant. We literally walked and walked. I almost gave up and got myself a jazzy. 5 parks in 3 days... ridiculous. I officially waddled! Whatever. Masen had the time of his life, and met nearly every character invented by Disney. With all that we did, at the end of the trip he looked at Ty and said (He refers to himself in 3rd person) "Daddy, Macey no like this house, Macey go home and play basketballs" Whoops, maybe we should have stayed home. And of course, our trip couldn't have just ended there, we got stranded in Orlando for an extra day due to some miscommunication on Delta's part as they moved our flight up 45 minutes. We have great luck when traveling


So, I dont really "do" crafty or scrapbooking, I leave that strictly to Heather, but its so fun to read others blogs I had to do it. It will probably looks like a chimp did this, so bare with me...

Helpin' my daddy