Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pictures and Updates

Grandma and Grandpa Thomas, Konner and Masen

Grandpa Thomas and Konner giving knuckles.

My boys
My family after the game.

My mom and the boys, and the wonderful bounce house.

My cousin Shelly's boy, Johnny, put the sunscreen on all by himself! My dad said if he holds out a couple weeks, he can go as a ghost for halloween!

Judd Thompson Quarterback for Dixie

The neighbor boy Charlie, Masen and Konner the cowboys

Konner enjoying golfish at brothers soccer game

Masen =shortest one on the team

Action shot of Masen

Krew and Masen both #5

So we completed the half marathon. I barely want to talk about it. I came in over an hour after Tyler. Just as I thought. Oh well. The results of the race are as follows: Cheree Stewart killed us at 1 hr 52 min, Trent Thomas 1 hr 58 min, Tyler 2 hr 12 min, Branden Thomas 2 hr 28 min, Dusty Thomas 3 hr, Tj Thomas 3 hr, Tesha 3 hr. 22 min, Jen Thomas 3 hr. 30 min, Holly Thomas 3 hr. 45 min. Oh well we all finished and had a good time. I loved the energy of the race and felt really good the whole way thru. Mile 8 is what injured most of us!:) I was disappointed I had to walk after that but maybe I will do better next time. Tyler got a charley horse on mile 8 and had to walk that one too! We were so stiff and sore after the race we looked like we were 100. We went to a movie that night and I stood and looked into the back seat debating what would be the best way to get in.. jump in on my belly or swing in from the handle above the door... People kept asking us what was wrong with all of us. OOPS.. Maybe we should train a little better so we can move next time. Did I just say "next time" Sometimes I say crazy things.
The week before that my family went to St. George to watch my cousin Judd Thompson play ball at Dixie. He is the QB and that was Homecoming. Masen went up to him after the game with a pen and the roster and asked for his autograph. It was so cute. He was just in awe of him. It was a fun weekend. We love it there. Great weather. And the boys even got to meet their Grandpa and Grandma Thomas for the first time. It was a nice visit. We had such a great time in sunny St. George. We wish we had a place there!
The next post will probably of Halloween and my little brother Trent coming home from his mission from Brazil! November 19! Hooray!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I havent done a post in a long while, mostly because my computer wont read my memory stick so I cant update any of my many many pictures. Which bothers me. So, I will update them when I can figure out what's up. We have had a fun busy summer. The boys are growing up and I cant believe my baby is 19 months old! They play so good together and also wrestle and make each other laugh and cry. Konner just slugs Masen right in the face now and I love that he is fighting back. Konner seriously doesnt utter a single word except "MOM" and its super annoying (like a goat). Not a single word. Its ridiculous. He knows exactly what's being said and nods when he needs something but not a word. Masen is playing his first season of soccer (which Tyler says isnt a real sport) he had a really good first 2 weeks making goals and all sorts of things and now he is sort of frolicking around the field. Its making me crazy! No aggressiveness at all, he's almost sashaying around. I could scream. Preschool is in and Masen is doing really good. He is almost back to what he was last year when school ended. (so we took a few steps backward over the summer, no big) Tyler has season tickets to the Utes and Jazz. And also spends alot of time hunting and talking about fantasy football. So its hard to pay attention when he talks right now. I cant wait to see him around springtime. I'm just doing dodgeball and young women stuff. Oh, I failed to mention Ty and I signed up for a half marathon in Moab which will take place this Sunday the 18th. (It will ruin my life is what I meant to say.) I hate running period. I really hoped to catch some sort of running "bug" and love it . Except I want to cry when I think about running for 13 miles. Mostly because I know I wont even run half because I'm superfit. And again, Tyler will run without training as always and succeed. While I fail miserably again, and still look like a T-rex racing to the finish. I cant wait. My goal is to throw down a 5 hour energy drink and run like the wind and pray to not get scooped up on that bus that will drive through about 3 hours later picking up the stragglers. BOO! In other news, Blake and Tracie got married in September and it was such a great day! Everything about it was beautiful! We are so happy for them, they are so great together! And last but not least, my lil bro Trent is coming home from Brazil on November 19, YAY! What a great day it will be to have him home so he can meet both Tracie and Konner! We cant wait! We are counting down the days! (And does anyone know where I can pick up a nasty strain of swine flu before Sunday?)

Helpin' my daddy