Monday, October 20, 2008

Queen Maddee!

My cousin Maddee was up for Homecoming Queen at Fremont High and she asked Masen to escort her at the assembly. I went and found a tie that I thought would match perfect and ordered a pin stripe shirt and had it shipped overnight just in case! The shirt was almost a perfect match! We had to be there at like 7:30 (No wonder I didnt go to assemblies in high school) Masen walked out on the stage with tons of screaming teens and flashing lights and waited there with a rose for Maddee to come up. She bent down and hugged him and boy was he shy! He did really good and now he says "Mom, I love that Maddee, next time I 'scort her I will kiss her on the hand." Everyone had their bets on Maddee to win! Even though she didnt, she made little Masen's day, and you bet he thinks she's his Queen!

San Francisco Treat

So last weekend Konner and I flew out to stay with my bestest friend in the whole world Mar. Me and Mar (Marianne James Erekson) have been best friends for nearly 25 years! Since we were 3! I have officially known her longer than any of my brothers. We had a great time. She has a sweet baby Charlie that is just 10 days older than Konner. They got along splendidly except Charlie seems to have an entire head of lush hair (that we were both a bit jealous of) and more brain activity than Konner. Its ok, I'm enjoying his silence and immobility. Tyler flew down on Friday night for a fun weekend and we went to the 49er game! We got really good seats on the front row, they played the Philadelphia Eagles. It was a super good game they almost won! (Tyler has been #1 fan since Joe Montana was there) I went along, smiled and cared for those 3 hours ( it was weird. ) So we got lots of pictures of the Kon and Char playing and staring at each other. Me and Mar were in the same situation (nursing) so it meant careful planning and when we ran out of time, we pulled over in a park in San Fran! Super classy! I also got to see the charming city of Oakland. About 5 minutes after pulling through the drive thru at In-n-Out I saw a guy steal a ladies purse and put it under his shirt. I of course flagged down a cop, yada yada yada, police report and quick ride in the cop car to identify the freaker,( which didnt turn out to be him!) It was a special time!We ate at really good restaurants and got to see the Blue Angels fly over the city in fleet week. We met some of their friends and they learned how classy we were when we came in with our 44 oz of love (i.e. big gulps) Dont worry they were sipping wine, we were guzzling pop and being awesome. I felt like I should have been wearing overalls and a weed sticking out of my teeth. It was super fun and Mar and me sat up late one night giggling about high school, the people we hated (and still do) and the good ole times! I cant believe so much has changed and now we are raising our own kids! Thanks for such a fun weekend Mar and Josh. We loved it!

Helpin' my daddy