Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kissing Cousins...

So all the Hales girls got together the other day for a breakfast and to catch up. Jena was in town from Colorado with sweet Lily and we got the babies altogether for the first time ever! We had the breakfast at Kami's and sat and talked for a couple hours. I was a nervous wreck with Masen running wild in her house. (Thanks for being patient with him, Kam! Next time we can have it at mine.) It is fun to see what just a few years will do to a family. We have grown so fast (mostly my waistline) I love comparing funny stories, and getting and giving advice on new mom products. We have such a great time together!

Our Favorite Things...

Mostly known as My favorite things...

*Dr. Pepper- I look forward to and enjoy a 44 oz. fountain beverage everyday. It really is the highlight of my day. (sad) And I am happy to announce that I am just about a month from securing a fountain machine in my home. I'm super excited. (Except I may need to also get myself a rascal (motorized scooter) while I'm at it since my obesity risk will be increasing as well)

*Drive-In- We love the drive in. I love it so much. I usually always fall asleep by the end of the 2nd movie. But where else can you go in your pjs, snuggle in comfy blankets and bring your own goodies. There is nothing better!

*Cotton Candy- Although it is only spun sugar. But wonderful. (I'm a kid at heart)

*Sleep- Tyler and I realize with this 2nd baby that sleep is a precious commodity! We miss it and love it. We spend every Sunday trying to catch up on it.

*DVR- Thanks to Dish Network we enjoy most of our tv watching commercial free on our own time. It records all of our favorites shows and we watch them at our convenience. Thank you Dish for making my dreams of no commercials come true!

*Spring/Summertime- We love good weather and when it gets dark later. Going on a bike ride or walk around the neighborhood or just being able to do yard work later. It makes you miss it when we've had a winter like this one!

*Camping- We love to camp and vowed this year we would make sure we took a saturday off a month to make sure we went camping. We just got a trailer and are super excited to take it lots of fun places..

*Laughing- There is nothing better. I love a good hearty laugh. I love funny movies, funny shows, funny people, funny anything! If you can make me laugh, dont think I will ever let you out of my sight!

*Funny Movies-The list includes: Dumb and Dumber, Tommy Boy, Goonies, Black Sheep, Old School (classic) Bruce Almighty, Mr. Deeds, and the list goes on... Make us laugh and youre ours forever!

*Good Quality Television- King of Queens, The Soup, Ellen, Funniest Home Videos (never get tired of seeing people act like chimps) The Office, The Hills (I admitted it, How Clean is Your House, Oprah, American Idol, Biggest Loser, SNL, Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, Dateline, 20/20, Real Housewives of Orange County, etc... its a real wonder I have a weight problem.

Friday, April 18, 2008

April Showers

We have been busy and haven't had time to blog lately! The same pictures have been up for a while, sorry. Konner is busy growing, although we arent sure on his weight, we think he is probably a little over 6 lbs. Masen has been going to time out a lot lately and now he says "Mom, I dont like that game, ever!" He says he wants to "Tiss Tonner all day long" and also when I ask him to please stop jumping on my shin bones he tells me to "Quit being naughty!" As you can see by the picture, he has also been spending a lot of time "milking" I can't imagine where he saw that done? He cracks us up every day, especially with his most recent prayers that he insists "macey can do it by myself" he lists everyone by name that he knows, and also for him to "choose the right"

Tyler is super excited about the Jazz and because we have season tickets, he feels like he is getting a special bonus cause the Jazz are in the playoffs. We have to plan our week now around the tickets since we dont really know if another playoff game will come or not. So, life will be unpredictable until the Jazz win it. Tyler doesn't like wasting a ticket on me, since I really dont care about the games and spend most of my time people watching and texting. But Masen will go and watch the entire game watching "Boozer" and "D Will" and looking out for the Jazz Bear. He started going last year when he was only 1, and he sat more still and cheered louder than I did. He spends most days shootin hoops with his sweat bands and jersey on. And when we really want to punish him, the hoop and basketballs are all taken away. There is one thing for sure, he loves his daddy and basketball more than anything else in this world.

I have been a little stir crazy at home and had a great birthday yesterday. My mom came over and tended the boys all day while I went to breakfast with the girls and shopping! Then, Tyler took me to Maddox ( yum!) and we watched Juno (finally). It was a great day. I cant believe I am 28 with 2 kids. Where did the time go!?

Dodgeball has officially started. We have won both our games so far and we all feel like ourselves again now that we are playing and not pregnant. ( Which is not like moms, we have found the perfect way to take our pent up rage out on others each week. Its perfect) Our team name is "For Hales Sake" Its mostly the Hales girls and a few friends.. We're pretty good, and have a couple shirts with "dodgeball champs" across the front. I am barely proud of it, and practically wear my shirt for a night on the town (sarcasm) Also, I have always wanted to play indoor soccer but knew I wasn't good enough for a league. But what do you know, the Church now plays some game similar called "Footsol" or something. So now I can play with our ward I pretty much suck but its fun. Its not nearly as competitive as "Church Ball" where you start off with a prayer and end up in a head lock or maybe watch your dad be threatened within an inch of his life while performing his calling as Stake Athletic Director. Classy bunch. It brings out the best in everybody. And since it isn't allowed in any form, it is helping me pull in the reins on my swearing ... during the game of course. I'm glad to be back performing my best at athletics that arent even real sports. But I will wear my shirt proudly and keep playin my heart out.

Helpin' my daddy